Saturday 24 September 2022

Altenew Pair- a - Flower Watercolor Contest

 Hello Everyone, Anushree here

I’m so excited sharing this project of mine with you….Before you see all the pictures, let me share the story behind it …so it all started when scrolling through my mails, I saw this mail from Altenew newsletter mentioning about Pair a Flower Watercoloring contest….Immediately I decided to make card with my Altenew supplies….while picking up the stamp set , my mind argued if I want to make a card or try something else….but what to try??

I went on thinking for next two days as watercoloring has some restrictions like using watercolour papers most importantly ….other surfaces may not respond that well while using watercolours…I did some experiments before making this project and here’s my findings…

💫I used Altenew Metallic Water Colors set on wood and it stayed very well…I even applied a thin coat of spray varnish to keep the work intact for longer….yay…so no restriction for using it only on paper.

💫I was sceptical if these watercolours will loose their shine after some days or after varnish….but nothing happened and everything looked same as day one.

I clicked my project pictures after 4 days of completing it and it shines same…so a BIG Yayyy….so happy to have these metallic colors from Altenew…have opened so many new dimensions of art work to me. Hoping you all find it helpful too.

Here’s a picture of my project, I have made a Calendar for Year 2023

Now coming to my process, will keep it short and pictorial…I took a small cheeseboard wooden cut-out and used Gesso mixed acrylic paint as base coat. Next I applied  metallic watercolours as seen in the pictures and did some gold splattering too




I stamped the florals from Altenew Celebrate Today Stamp set on watercolour paper and coloured using Altenew Winter Wonderland Brush Markers set.

Here's the final project, I added printed calendar one over another stacking it up and also attached a paper twine on the top to hang it.

I have also attached a magnetic strip at the back of wooden base so make it multipurpose .Lol, I was thinking if I can't hang it, what other option I have it keep it around

Did you notice those gorgeous gold sparkles, I have used gold from same metallic colors set.

I am honestly thrilled making this one using watercolour techniques, totally loved the results.

Hope you liked it too.

I have made this project for 

My Inspiration for pairing the flowers has come from my mum's garden ...she has some really beautiful floral plants.

Leave love and feedback. Thanks for stopping by.

Hugs, Anushree

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