Wednesday 11 November 2020

Cupcake Box - Altenew Creativity Inspired

Hi Friends,

I am super excited to present this work of mine. I have made this for Creativity-inspired-get-wild-with-washi-contest-2020 . I have few Washi tapes from Altenew and I totally love them. They are good thick rolls, sometimes I feel like they are never ending magical rolls πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„ 

I use these Washi tapes very often on many surfaces in my house including one as a top cover for my laptop too. When I heard about the contest, I thought of trying something out of the box with my Washi tapes.

Here's my take with gorgeous washi tapes by ALTENEW

So it's a cupcakes box, covered in several washi tapes from Altenew namely Floral Flurries , Dotted and Stars.

I started out by cutting the base of the box on a plain white thick glossy paper. I made a see through window on one side to cover with acetate. 

Next I made this inside lid for the box so that cupcakes stays intact inside the box.I took these templates from internet for my reference.

Next I started covering these portions in above mentioned washi tapes.

I also embellished the box top with my handmade fabric flowers.

My 9 year old daughter Myra is like a Junior Masterchef for me,she bakes lovely cupcakes and helped me by making few for my pictures....She baked yummy chocolate cupcakes for all of us,blessing for my lovely girl !!

Hope you enjoyed this picture loaded project filled with love, creativity and some gorgeous Washi tapes by Altenew.

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